We investigate methods, techniques, and tools to support interaction designers conduct user-centered design collaboratively with other stakeholders in various contexts, including serious games, software engineering tools, safety-critical systems, and general-purpose applications. Our research topic includes usability engineering, interaction design patterns, design systems, and other design tools. Our methodology, rooted in both human-computer interaction and empirical software engineering, is fundamentally centered on the human stakeholders of software systems, in particular users, designers, and developers.

Research Keywords: Software engineering; usability engineering; interaction design; early-stage design support; design artifact analysis; research methods for design study

If you are interested in joining the UCD lab at Polytechnique Montreal, please contact Prof. Jinghui Cheng at jinghui[dot]cheng[at]polymtl[dot]ca.


Yassine Lamine

Master’s student at Polytechnique with interests about Human-Computer Interaction and Machine Learning.

Nasim Sharbatdar

Master’s student at Polytechnique. Passionate about Human Computer Interaction and Data Visualization.
(Co-supervised with Prof. Catherine Morency)

Cheryl Wang

Master’s student in Computer Science at McGill University. Interest in Software Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, and Natural Language Processing.
(Co-supervised with Prof. Jin Guo at the KESEC Lab of McGill University)